Gurkin Research!!! This Gurkin Family History Site contains copies (some excerpted) of most of the early Gurkin Land Records, Wills, Deeds, Census Records, Births, Marriages and Deaths, for Beaufort, Hyde, Martin and Washington counties in North Carolina, (Births and Deaths for Beaufort County only). Included is a detailed history of the Early Gurkins, and, in another section, their descendant printouts, (the descendants known to the Site Sponsor). The Index of Names (in the column at left) lists the names in the descendant printouts. Also included are the names of  some of the wives and\or husbands of the Gurkin descendants. Clicking on an item in the column at left will take you to that section of this research. You can return to this page by clicking "Home Page" below the Contents column on the left side of this page, or you can return to the last page you visited by clicking  "Home Page" at the bottom of the page you are currently on.


Jane Stubbs Bailey  1934 - 2008
We will forever be indebted to Jane Stubbs Bailey for her contribution to this Web Site. Her research is the primary purpose of the site.

                                          Thank You Jane


This is a work of love, dedicated to all who would dare attempt to research their family name. We hope it will make the task of anyone researching the Gurkin name a little easier. My personal thanks to all of you who have furnished me the information on their families. Thank You.


If you are a Gurkin, or a Gurkin descendant, and if your name has been submitted to the Site Sponsor, you should be able to find it in the Index of Names (at left) or by typing it in the box below (maiden name for females).  Please be advised that all Gurkin descendants are not listed here, only the ones that have been researched by, or  furnished to, the Site Sponsor. If you can't find your name, and wish it to be included in this Gurkin history, please furnish it to the Site Sponsor, along with your Gurkin connection.


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James Lewis Gurkin

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Richard Allen Gurkin



The purpose of presenting this research, in this manner, is to make it available to others who may be researching our (Gurkin) name. This Web Site will be updated periodically, as additional information is received. Since some of this information was obtained from relatives, and other sources which could affect its accuracy, it is intended for use as a guide only. The Site Sponsor will assume no responsibility for incomplete or incorrect information at this site.

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