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In the Name of God Amen. I Charles Girkins of the State and County aforesd being Sick and Weak in body But of Sound Disposing Mind and Memory Thanks be given to Allmighty God for the Same doe this thirtyth day of September make and ordain this to be my last will & Testament in manner and form Following that is to say first and principally I recommend my soul into the hands of allmighty god that gave it and my body to be buried at the discretion of my Executors hereafter Named Imprimus. I give and bequeath unto my son Elisha Girkins one brinded heafer unto his heirs forever
Item. I give and bequeath unto my son Herman Girkins one black and white Frisia heafer unto him and his heirs forever
Item. I give and bequeath unto my daughter Sarah Girkins one Cow and Calf unto her and her heirs forever
Item. I give and bequeath unto my well beloved wife Sarah Girkins one cow and calf unto hir and hir heirs forever.

My will and Desire is that all the rest and remainder of my Estate not yet given to be for the Schooling of my Children and the support of my wife & Children at the discression and direction of my Brother Zachariah Girkins and that he sell same part of the Estate so liss to pay my debts and the uses above mentioned Schooling my Children and all the Debts due me to be by him collected fir the above use mentioned and I doe nominate and appoint my Brothers Zachriah Girkins & Benjamin Girkins to be my True and lawfull Executors of this my last will and Testament Ratifying & Confriming this to be my last will & Testament and no Other this thirtieth day of September One thousand and Seven hundred and ninty three.

Charles Girkins

Signed Sealed Delared
Published and pronounced
to be and Contain my last
will & Testament in the
presence of the subscribers
Witness Francis Ward
John Middleton

Tyrrell County April Term 1794. The Last will and testament of Charles Guerkin was proved in open court by the oath of John Middleton one of the Subscribing witneses and Recorded.

S. Chesson, clerk.

From North Carolina Archives, Raleigh, NC
Tyrrell County Wills 1744 to 1922

29 MARCH 1800

In the name of God amen. I Benjamin Gurkin of the County of Beaufort Being of Sound and perfect mind and memory (Blessed be God) do this twenty ninth day of march in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred make and publish this my Last Will and testament in manner following that is to Say

First I give and Bequeath to george Dixson that married my daughter hannah gurkin one Ewe and ram

The rest of my Estate after my just debts Being paid Item I give and Bequeath that is to say to my three children Zacriah Gurkin, nelley gurkin and Benjamin gurkin my two sons and daughter to Equally be divided Among them. Shear and Share alike.

And I hearby make and ordain my Son Benjamin gurkin Executor of this my Last Will and testament.

In witness whareof I the Said Benjamin gurkin have to this my Last Will and testament Set my hand and Seal the day and year first above written

Benjamin Gurkin

Signed Sealed published and
declared by the Said Benjamin
Gurkin the testator as his Last Will
and testament in the presence of
us Who Ware presents at the time
of Signing and Sealing thereof
interLined before signed

William Boyd

Custus Celley [his mark]

Recorded in Record of Old Wills, page 370
Beaufort County Record of Wills, CR.D09.801.3 p. 185
North Carolina Archives, Raleigh, NC


In the Name of God Amen I Benjamin Gurkins of the County of Beaufort being in sound & perfect mind & memory blessed be god do this eighth day of December in Year of our Lord 1830 make & publish this my last Testament in manner following, that is to say,

Item I Give unto my beloved wife Sarah Gurken all my land whereon I now live from a little Ditch between my house & Isaac Jacksons leading into the swamp near my own house straight across to the west line of the pattent including all the land from the aforesaid mentioned line towards Cedar Swamp in the said patent where I now live during her natural life & after her death to my son Zachariah Gurken to him & his heirs forever

Item. Give unto my son Charles Gurken twenty five acres of land lying in Cedar Swamp & if he should die without a lawfull heir my will and desire is that it should be equally divided between the rest of my children.

Item. I Give unto my son Bethuel Girkin thirty three acres of land where on he now lives & also fifteen acres on the north side of Cedar Swamp Known by the name of the new pattented land & if he should die without a lawful heir my will & desire is that it should be equally divided between the rest of my children.

Item. I Give unto my daughter Love Davis fifty Acres of land called & Known by the name of the Charles Moore land during her life and at her death if she has no children Living my will and desire is that it should be Equally divided between the rest of my children.

Item. I Give unto my Son Zachariah Gurkin seventy five Acres of land called & Known by the name of the Sinnets Point and if he should die without a lawfull heir my will & desire is that it should be Equally divided between my two sons Bethuel and Reading Gurkin.

Item my will & desire is that after my Just debts are paid I give unto my beloved wife Sarah Gurkin one bed & furniture also the loom & all the utensials belonging, wheels and cards & the Table that I bought of Riley Padget & at her death my will & desire is that my son Reading Shall have the Table. All the perishable property that I have given to my wife my will & desire is that at her death it should be equally divided between Bethuel Love Zachariah Reading, Table excepted.

Item. I Give unto my son Zachariah the Table that I bought at the Webb Vendue also my horse colt and one years work of the mother of the Colt my will & desire is after one years work to him that my son Reading Should have the mair and her increase my Will & desire is that all the residue of my estate not already willed away Should be equally divided between my wife Bethuel Ovee Zachariah Readin and at the death of my wife my will that her part should be equally divided between the before mentioned children.

And lastly I hereby make and ordain my worthy friends George Boyd and Fredrich Boyd Executors to this my last Will and Testament in Witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand & Seal.

Benjamin X Gurkin

Signed Sealed & declared & published
in the presence of us
Zachariah Boyd
Levi Jackson

Beaufort County Court of pleas & Quarter Sessions February Term 1831 then was the within Will Exhibited and the execution thereof proven in court by the Oath of Zachariah Boyd a witness thereto in due form of Law and ordered to be Recorded.

Wm Ellison, C.

Pages 34-35, Betty J. Camin, Beaufort Orphans, Book B, 1828-1837, Estate Records of Beaufort County, NC, Raleigh, NC, 1985.

8 MARCH 1825

Wife: Fanny, plantation with 400 acres until son Isaac comes of age.
Son: Isaac
Wife to School my four children: Mary, Presiller, Thomas Hunter, and Isaac Walles
Son: Charles Walles, land I bought of Thomas Jackson and land I bought of Jesse Warters which is now unsold, also land between that I pattened myself, also 8 acres below my swamp field
Son: Starky Walles, land bought of William Ozbern
Son: Thomas Hunter Walles, Box Ridge and Steely Field (300 acres)
My Michael Woolard (no relation named)
Two grandchildren: Fanny Wollard and Spencer Wollard, 100 acres known as the Persimin Pond
Dau: Sopha Wollard
Dau: Elizebeth Allagood
Dau: Mildred Cutler
Dau: Nancy Harris
Ozbern Wollard and his wife Sally, one cow and calf
Son: Jonathan Wallis, land E side Long Acre Ridge
Dau: Levenea Walles
Four Daughters: Rusea, Luveana, Mary, Persilla Wallis
Exec: Son Starky Wallis, Thomas [S or L] Warters
Signed: Thomas Walles

Witnesses: Edward Robertson, John Windly, Allen Warters

Remarks: Leaves 50 acres E side Long Acre Ridge known as Wollard Place to be sold. Probate: Attested by Edward Robason, et al.

26 DECEMBER 1851

Wife: Levina Ann, use of land, 200 acres, called the mouth of the Creek land; also tract called the Joshua Ecklin old plantation...Pritchett's line...Martin's Gut.

Daughter: Sophia and her husband William G. Gaskill [Gurkin?], 170 acres called the Joshua Hill tract.

My eight youngest children (unnamed) under age of 16
Appoints Son-in-law William G. Gaskill [Gurkin?] guardian to my infant children.

Executor: Son-in-law William G. Gaskill [Gurkin?]
Signed Peter G. Yeates
Witnesses: Richard A. Cratch, William J.? Adams.

Both the will of Thomas Wallis and the will of Peter G. Yeates are taken from Beaufort County, NC Will Abstracts 1720-1868, Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore, Md., 1990.

18 December 1883
Probate 26 May 1885

I Horace Gurkin of Martin County, North Carolina, etc.

(1) To my beloved wife Nancy Gurkin, the use of the house, plantation, household goods, that are not given to other heirs, during her lifetime.

(2) My youngest son Thomas H. Gurkin, the tract of land where I now live except during wife's life and with the exception of 60 feet square for the grave yard.
This land is butted and bounded as follows: Beginning at a small short strawed pine on the E side of the road leading from Jamesville to Plymouth and opposite the Hector Moore Lane. Then along the Hector Road to a white oak in the head of a branch then down said branch to the Cannal branch, then down said branch to Roses Creek, then up said creek to the mouth of Mirry Branch, then up said branch to a branch Warren W. Gurkens corner, then along Warren W. Gurkins S 71 W 68 poles to a sweet gum, then S one degree W 17 poles to a post oak, another of Warren Gurkens corner, then N 73 W 18 pole to the main road leading from Jamesville to Plymouth then along the road S 22 W 44 poles to the beginning-----and also one large family clock and 1 side board Beaur.

(3) To youngest daughter Mary E. Perry one house and lot in the town of Jamesville, Martin County.
Said lot contains 1/2 acre land and contains 1 cottage house and is bounded as follows; standing on Washington Avenue and bounded on the N by the lands of Mrs. Emma Crookston , on the W by the land of Clayton Moore, on the S by Emma Stallings, on the E by Washington Aveune---to her and her heirs. If she has no heirs, property to return to Horace's other heirs to be equally divided.

(5) [Skipped 4]. My eldest son Henry Gurkin and my son Charles Gurkin have both received their full and equal portion with the rest of my heirs. Also my son Warren Gurkin has received his full share.

(6) I give to hands of my executors my interest in a store house and lot in Jamesville, also one tract of land of about 18 acres on the E side of Miry branch known as the Thick Neck Tract to be sold at private sale and the money to be equally divided among all my lawful heirs.

(7) After death of wife all utensils and farming equipment to be sold at private sale and money or property to be divided as heirs wish amongst themselves.
And lastly I appoint my 2 trusty sons Henry Gurkin and Charles Gurkin my lawful executors.

18 December 1883. Horace Gurkin.
Witnesses: C. H. Ange

W. W. Gurkin

Martin County Superior Court. C. H. Ange and W. W. Gurkin proved will at office in Williamston 26 May 1885. W. T. Crawford, clerk of superior court.

In the matter of the will of Horace Gurkin. Charles Gurkin sworn, doth say that Horace Gurkin late of sd county has died first making a will and testament. Charles is one of the executors. Henry A. Gurkin, the other executor, is dead. Horace Gurkin's estate, land, furniture, household goods, farm utensils, horses, mules, cattle are worth about $2,000.00 as estimated at this time. Nancy Gurkin, T. H. Gurkin, M. E. Perry, Henry A. Gurkin, Charles Gurkin, and Warren Gurkin are those entitled to the property. Sworn 26 May 1885 Charles Gurkin before W. T. Crawford, Clerk of Superior Court.

Clerks Office, Martin County Court House, Williamston, NC

27 JANUARY 1885

I Henry A. Gurkin of Jamesville, Martin County and State of North Carolina being of sound mind and memory but considering the uncertainty of my earthly existence do make and declare this to be my last will and testament in manner and form following that is to say

First. that my executors hereafter named shall provide my body a decent burial suitable to the wishes of my relatives and friends and pay all funeral expenses together with all my just debts howsoever and to whomsoever devising out of the moneys that may first come into their hands as a part or parcel of my estate.

Item. I give and devise to my beloved wife a life estate in the Bateman farm or land and also one fourth of all money left over after paying my just debts. Should I nor my estate purchase the Bateman farm, then I desire that my wife have 1/4 of what it would cost in money.

Item: To youngest son Alfred F. Gurkin and Daughter Della Gurkin the Bateman tract of land subject to life estate of wife or if land not purchased then money it would have cost.

Item: To son Charles Rudolph Gurkin $100 to assist his medical education and 1/4 of money of estate after settlement of debts.

Executors are wife and son Charles R. Gurkin.
27 January 1885 Henry A. Gurkin
Witnesses: G. M. Burras
S. L. Wallace.

Will proved 27 February 1885.

In the matter of the will of Henry A. Gurkin. [Before W. T. Crawford, superior Court clerk.

Charles R. Gurkin being duly sworn doth say that Henry A. Gurkin late of said county is dead having first made and published his last will and testament. And that the applicant is the executor named therein and Martha E. Gurkin is also named as Executrix. Further that the property of the said Henry A. Gurkin consisting of household furniture, horse and farming implements, money and ? choses in action and land is worth about $700 as estimated at this time and that applicant and Mrs. Martha E. Gurkin, both of whom are of age, Alfred F. Gurkin aged about 16, and Della Gurkin, aged about 13, all live in Martin County at the late home of the deceased and the minors are without Guardian and the ? porting entitled under said will to the said property.

C. R. Gurkin

Sworn to and subscribed before me the 27 February 1885. W. T. Crawford, Superior Court Clerk.

Clerks Office, Martin County Court House, Williamston, NC

16 OCTOBER 1897

I Martha E. Gurkin of Jamesville, Martin County, North Carolina, etc.
She is insured in the Mutual Reserve Fund Life Association of New York under policy #65201 for sum of $2,000.00 and she wants it divided amongst her 3 children.

On the first $1000.00 she wants $100 for burial, doctor's bills and tombstone. Balance of first $1,000.00 to be divided among her 3 children.

On second $1,000.00 all dues and assessments have been paid by my sons Charles and Alfred. I desire it divided between them as follows: My son Charles paid all assessments and dues from the date of this policy to the last of 1894 and he being unable to pay the premiums any longer my son Alfred has paid them to this date and in case my sons keep up said payments until my death then I wish each one to receive from the $1,000.00 his proportion according to the amount he has paid in premiums.

I wish to state that my son Charles R. Gurkin has my policy #65201 and refuses to deliver the same to me, and I have not made it over or any part of it before this will and in case any endorsement appears on the policy 65201 after my death, they will be forged.

If any of my children contest the will, their part shall be 5 cents and no more.

I appoint my son Alfred F. Gurkin my executor without bond.

16 October 1897 Martha E. Gurkin

Witnesses: L W. Bateman
S. L. Wallace
Superior Court, Martin County. A. F. Gurkin brought will and L. W. Bateman and S. L. Wallace proved it. They said she was of sound mind and memory, of full age, and was under no restraint to their knowledge.
11 December 1897 before N. S. Peel, clerk of Superior Court.
In the matter of the probate of the last will and testament of Martha E. Gurkin, deceased. A. F. Gurkin, duly sworn, says that she is dead having first made a will and that A. F. Gurkin is executor. The value of the estate seems to be about $2,000.00.

A. F. Gurkin, C. R. Gurkin, and Mrs. Della Clark are heirs.
Sworn 11 Dec 1897. A. F. Gurkin. before N. S. Peel, clerk. By W. T. Crawford, Deputy Clerk.

Washington County Will Book A, page 298

Martha E. Gurkin, Wash Co, 5 November 1897. Insurance policy 65201. Wants daughter Della M. Clark to have direct control of funeral arrangements. 3 children to pay. Appoints son Alfred T. Gurkin and daughter Della M. Clark her execs.

Wit: L. G. Roper, and J. W. Speight, MD
18 December 1897 Probate.
Della M. Clark, L. G. Roper, John H. Clark are bound for $4,000. They are to have sale of her property.

The remaining wills are abstracts found in Beaufort County, NC Will Abstracts 1720-1868 and Martin County, NC Abstracts of Will Books 1 and 2, 1774-1868, Edited by the Library Committee, Martin County Historical Society, Williamston, NC, 1990.

24 March 1803
Martin County, North Carolina
Will Book 1, 425

Wife: Judah Adams
Son: Joseph Adams
Son: James Adams
Son: William Adams
Daughter: Nancy Adams
Daughter: Charlotte Adams
Daughter: Ellender Hambleton
Granddaughter: Clary Hambleton, daughter of Ellender
Mentioned: Cumberland, Lazarus Hambleton.

Witnesses: George Stubbs, John Bowen, Jr, William Davis

1832 April 25 WB 2, 176
Joseph H. Adams is mentioned in will of Hardy Clements. Wife is Charlotte. Mentioned in will are Edward Mizell, Thos Davis, James G. Mizell, Stark W. Smithwick, Willie Baynor.

10 October 1811
Washington County, North Carolina
Martin County Will Book 2, 47

Phillips Adams: Washington County

Wife: Clary Adams.
Mentioned: Thomas Sinate, son of Ison Sinate.
Exec: Wife and James Hamilton.
Witnesses are Stephen Fagan, David Hardison
Proved 1817 by witnesses and Richard Fagan.


Will of Jesse Harrison. 12 October 1847.
Wife Rutha Harrison
Sons: Baldy H. Harrison and Harmon Harrison
Daughters: Harriet Davis, Priscilla Browny, Mary A. E. Ange Mentioned are Welch Creek, Cary's Branch, David Boston Line.
Exec: Joshua Roberson.
Witnesses: Jno M. Bateman, Wiley Moore, James Ghirkin
Proved April 1848
[Will Book 2, 339]

Will of Stephen Bateman. 1 April 1848
Wife: Anna Bateman
Sons are Joseph Bateman, Downing Bateman.
Grandson is John J. Bateman
Mentioned are Dailey Road, Hamilton Bridge, Harrison's land, Davenport and Everett Store
Witnesses are B. D. Bateman, James Ghirkin, H. M. Bateman
January 1849 probate
[Will Book 2, 346]

Beaufort County, North Carolina
2 July 1827. Probate May Term 1828

Willie Baynor qualified as executor.
Brothers: Richard, $2.00, Suthey, $2.00, Brother Wiley, land and plantation where I live, 4 negroes, any balance sale of rest of my estate. Sister Mahalia, $2.00
Executor is Brother Wiley.
Witnesses Samuel R. Fowle and Richard H. Bonner

Beaufort County, North Carolina
1 October 1832. Probate November Term 1832

Brother Southey Bayner, house and plantation, all the land I possess in Beaufort County
House and plantation in Martin County, 5 Negroes.
Brother Richard Bayner, $5.00
Sister Mahalia Boyd, $5.00
Executors Southey and Richard Bayner
Witness is Walley Chauncy.

Note: Willie Baynor is mentioned in Martin county will of William Adams, 24 March 1803.

Beaufort County, North Carolina
23 October 1822. Probate November Term 1822

Son: Jacob Squires. Land
Three Daughters are Barborah, Ancey (?) and Nancy Greadless

Executor is son Jacob Squires.
Signed by Mark.
Witnesses: John Haborn, Wordin Squires
Proved in Probate by oath of Worden Squires.

1825 May 25. Probate November Term 1828.
Will of Rhodey Parker.
My illegitimate daughter Edney Hardison 75 acres in Long Acre District I purchased from Appleton Squires, house and lot I now live on (#38)
Executor: Asa Hardison
Signed Rhoday Parker
Witnesses are James Willis and John M. Latham

Precinct of Hyde, Beaufort Co North Carolina
20 July 1723

Wife: Mary Squire
Exec: Wife Mary
Signed by mark
Witnesses: White, Benjamin Hallowell

Beaufort County, North Carolina
16 December 1804

Wife: Rachel Squires
Daughter: Elizabeth Squires
Son: John Squires
Executor: Father Appleton Squires who is to be guardian to son John
Signed Jorden Squires by mark.
Witnesses: Thomas Boyd, Jacob Squires

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